Lemon Quartz

Lemon quartz is the lemon yellow variety of quartz. It is more lemon in color than a citrine, which has tones of orange in it. Citrine and Amethyst are both in the quartz family of gemstones. Some people mistakenly call prasiolite lemon quartz -- prasiolite has a green tone in it, and is also called green amethyst. It is also known as green gold or lemon citrine.

Quartz comes from all over the world with some of the most famous sources including Brazil and Africa. Most of the world supply of lemon quartz comes from Brazil.

Lemon quartz is mined in Brazil. Large crystals can be found. The quartz crystal system (silicon dioxide) is abundant in Brazil, and throughout most of the world. It is a relative of amethyst (which is a purple quartz).

Lemon quartz is ideal for jewelry. Either in silver or gold jewelry, lemon quartz is usually cut in large sizes (as in 5 carats and up). It is being used in bold gemstone jewelry because it is easy and affordable to use a large lemon quartz (whereas other stones are simply not available or affordable in large sizes - like diamonds).

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Hardness: 7

Lemon Quartz Shapes: