Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a soothing, calming crystal that is known to promote love and healing. It helps to bring clarity to the heart and is a valuable tool when doing ritual work that focuses on emotional release, balance and peace. It helps to clear negative emotions such as jealousy, anger and fear, and also eases heartache and psychic traumas.

Even though all quartz crystals have the ability to transmit and amplify energy, the rose quartz is unique in that it is especially good as a channel for divine energy. It draws and holds the energies of love and healthy release and assists in opening the heart chakra to help promote the healing of past emotional hurts and grudges.

Rose quartz is a variety of quartz that has a range of color from light pink to a nearly rose red. When looking for a rose quartz to use in your ritual work, it’s important to find one of good quality. There are many cheap varieties of rose quartz available in shops and these have usually been dyed to enhance their color. A good indicator that you are getting a dyed variety is that the color will be unnaturally bright or a garish pink. These types are often very cheap in price too so it’s best to steer away from these.

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Hardness: 7

Rose Quartz Shapes: