Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire comes from the corundum family. It gets its yellow because of the presense of the trace element iron. Yellow sapphires naturally occur in nature and it is common to heat (thermal enhancement) yellow sapphires to improve their colour. The untreated ones are rare and command a premium.

We carry heated yellow sapphires in calibrated sizes in several shapes such as rounds, ovals, marquise, squares, etc in various sizes.

We can also cut precision cut yellow sapphires, this is finely cut and crafted to bring the maximum brilliancy into it. This is done with the help of automated machines and skilled labour.

We can accommodate pairs, layouts and single unique yellow sapphires in both heated (normal heat and also beryllium treated) and unheated material. Also perfected is the art of special cuts or custom cuts. This is suited to fit your specifications and can be any shape and/or cut of your choice.

For your requirements, please contact us.

Hardness: 9.0

Yellow Sapphire Shapes: